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this happened 2 1/2 years ago . for anyone check out the news video they did on us @ WRAL ;§ion HER STORY & ACTUAL WEBSITE , MORE INFO ON GRACIE AT!!!!! PART ONE . On Monday, May 31, 2010 Gracie appeared a little off or slightly lame -- we checked her out and couldn't find anything noticeably wrong so we assumed she got a stone bruise. Two days later I noticed her right hind rump muscle had tremendously atrophied -- I knew then something was really wrong to have such rapid atrophy (in my gut I feared EPM). I called the vet and they did not have any openings till that Friday so I took her in then. He did a soundness test and other tests and said he felt she had pulled a muscle or had a soft tissue injury and put her on meds for that. I asked about EPM and he didn't think it could be that since it was only on one side of her rump. The vet said if she wasn't better in 10 days that he would refer her to the NCSU Vet Hospital. By day 7 she was worse and I couldn't wait any longer so I begged the vet to make the referral so he did but unfortunately they could not take her in until the following Monday, June 14th. I was so disappointed because time was NOT on our side. The tragedy... On the morning of June 14th Donnie and Julia were on their way to the vet hospital hauling Gracie and she fell in the horse trailer on her poop(it was traveling straight) and Gracie couldn't get up due to her weak hind limb. I was directing summer camp at the time when they called me in a panic. I flew there as fast as I could to help -- there was nothing I could do. I called our vet to hurry out and sedate her so we could find a way to get her out. She was thrashing about trying to get to her feet ;The vet arrived in what seemed like an eternity, they quickly sedated her and came up with a plan to get her out of the trailer. The vet and their helpers wrapped a big rope around Gracie's chest and slowly pulled her out with their pickup truck. We then rolled her over to her "good" side to see if she had the strength to stand. By then, the state troupers, garner police fire department ,and news people where there and folks offering to help, with umbrellas and water. It was around 100 degrees and we were in the sun . The vet made a call into the closest horse rescue crew, which was over an hour away, to transport her by a sling to the hospital. The sedation began to wear off and Gracie once again tried to stand and was unsuccessful -- she just didn't have the strength. In her efforts to stand she spun around and slid down towards a ditch which had a drain grate and concrete pad. I feared the worse thinking she could fall or roll into it a get a leg caught in the wide grate openings so I quickly ran to the trailer and found the strength to pull out the heavy rubber mat to cover the drain and concrete but there was still more exposed concrete so I went back for the other mat and Julia helped me get it out since I just didn't have the strength.  We got it to cover the rest of the concrete and within minutes she tried to stand again and in the position she was in, front end uphill and rear end down in the ditch, she nearly flipped over backwards trying to get up -- Donnie was able to hold her with the lead rope just enough to stop her from flipping over. She ended up down in the ditch on the mats which were covering the grate and concrete.About an hour and 10 minutes later the rescue van finally arrived. With lots of help and a great rescue crew they were able to pull her up out of the ditch on a sled and get her in position for the sling. Gracie was down about 6 hours before she was brought to her feet. Gracie was in bad shape all around -- I feared she may have broken her hip in the fall. She had lacerated her lip and had multiple lacerations on her face and head from banging it as she struggled to stand in the trailer. At times she had her hooves up under her chest while struggling which also injured her under her chest between her front legs. I can't begin to imagine the pain she was in from her struggles... it can be seen in her face. Once they arrived at the NCSU large animal hospital they had treated her & took special care of her. They successfully got her out and removed the sling. Gracie was able to walk on her own -- THANK GOD. PART TWO , YOU HAVE TO GO TO MY WBSITE ABOVE . PART TWO IS WHERE WE PUT HER DOWN & IT EXPLAINS WHY & HOW SHE GOT LIKE THAT .